Today’s FE-Life Workout — “Wag the Dog”

My recommended FE-Life workout today is intense, and quadrupedal. You will need grippy shoes (preferably VFFs), a pull-up bar or bands, and a clock with a minute hand.

  • Target Muscles: upper body
  • 1-10 Difficulty Rating: 8
  • Workout Time: twenty-five minutes

The Workout

Ensure that your muscles are warm; I recommend doing the Moji warm-up.

Get on all fours, and walk with your hands and feet in an upper-push-up position for thirty seconds (vary your ‘walk’—move forwards, backwards, and side to side). Then, do pull-ups (as many reps as possible) for thirty seconds, followed by one minute of rest. Repeat this cycle—push-up position walks, pull-ups, rest—nine more times for a total of ten rounds.


Modification Options

To make the workout harder, wear a weighted vest, ‘walk’ in the lower push-up position, and or increase the number of rounds. To make it easier, do fewer rounds.


Bonus Add-on

Go for a brisk walk or a casual jog of at least two-miles a few hours before or after the workout.



I post a new workout each day of the week. Clearly, “rest days” are prudent in anyone’s workout schedule. My advice is to select four or five of the workouts I recommend in a week, and do them over four or five days—one workout per day; rest on the other days. I always list the target muscles each routine calls upon. It would be wise to choose workouts that address the entire body over a given week.


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