Today’s FE-Life Workout — “Go for a Black Belt”

My recommended FE-Life workout for today is basic, but effective. You will need some dumbbells, a mat, and your running shoes.

  • Target Muscles: heart, legs, low-back, biceps
  • 1-10 Difficulty Rating: 6.5
  • Workout Time: an hour +
Concentrated Dumbbell Curl | photo by Spirit-Fire

The Workout

Ensure that your muscles are warm; I recommend doing the Moji warm-up.

Do three supersets of eight to twelve concentrated dumbbell curls, and lying bow poses (one set of curls followed by one set of bow poses, rest, repeat twice more). Following the exercises, go for a four to six-mile fast-walk or run over undulating terrain.

Bow Pose | photo by lululemon athletica


Modification Options

To make the workout harder, use heavy dumbbells that you can only curl four to six times, and or increase the length or intensity of the walk or run. To make it easier, only do one exercise superset, and cut the walk or run back to two miles.



I post a new workout each day of the week. Clearly, “rest days” are prudent in anyone’s workout schedule. My advice is to select four or five of the workouts I recommend in a week, and do them over four or five days—one workout per day; rest on the other days. I always list the target muscles each routine calls upon. It would be wise to choose workouts that address the entire body over a given week. 

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